TVart: Your Source for Cultural Programming in BG


Welcome to TVart

, the channel that celebrates the vibrant and diverse culture of Bulgaria. As the country's premier cultural television channel, TVart is dedicated to showcasing the rich history, traditions, and artistry of this beautiful Eastern European nation.

At TVart, we believe that culture is the heartbeat of a society, and we are committed to bringing our viewers the very best in Bulgarian music, dance, art, and heritage. From traditional folk music to contemporary art exhibits, from ancient folklore to modern dance performances, TVart offers a comprehensive look at the cultural landscape of Bulgaria.

One of the unique aspects of TVart is our commitment to supporting and promoting local talent. We work closely with artists, musicians, and performers from across the country to feature their work on our channel. This support helps to nurture and preserve Bulgaria's cultural heritage while also providing a platform for emerging talent to showcase their art to a wider audience.

Our programming lineup includes a wide variety of shows that cater to all interests. For music lovers, our music documentary series takes a deep dive into the history of Bulgarian music, exploring its roots and evolution over the centuries. We also feature live performances from some of the country's most talented musicians, giving viewers a front-row seat to the vibrant music scene in Bulgaria.

For art enthusiasts, our art history series delves into the works of famous Bulgarian artists, exploring their techniques, inspirations, and impact on the art world. In addition, we feature documentaries on contemporary art exhibitions and interviews with local artists, providing an inside look at the thriving art community in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, we take great pride in our dance and performance programming, which showcases the beauty and diversity of Bulgarian dance traditions. From the elegant movements of traditional folklore dances to the modern choreography of contemporary dance troupes, our channel offers a mesmerizing glimpse into the world of Bulgarian dance.

In addition to our regular programming, TVart also hosts special events and live broadcasts, bringing viewers closer to the heart of Bulgarian culture. Whether it's a live performance at a local theater, a festival celebrating traditional crafts and music, or a cultural event in one of Bulgaria's historic cities, our channel is there to capture and share the experience with our audience.

But TVart is more than just a source of entertainment and education – it's a platform for cultural exchange and understanding. We believe that through our programming, we can help bridge the gap between Bulgaria and the rest of the world, fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of Bulgarian culture and heritage.

In a world where cultural diversity is increasingly important, TVart stands as a beacon of cultural pride and celebration. Our channel serves as a reflection of the rich tapestry of Bulgarian culture, and we invite viewers from around the world to join us on this journey of discovery and appreciation.

So, whether you're a native Bulgarian looking to reconnect with your cultural roots or an international viewer eager to explore the beauty of Bulgaria, TVart is the channel for you. Join us as we celebrate the art, music, dance, and heritage of this extraordinary country, and experience the magic of Bulgarian culture right from the comfort of your own home. Thank you for choosing TVart, your window into the soul of Bulgaria.