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, the ultimate destination for the best Chilean and international series television has to offer.

As one of the leading television channels in Chile, 13 Teleseries is dedicated to bringing viewers the most captivating and engaging series from around the world. From compelling dramas to thrilling mysteries, we offer a wide variety of genres that appeal to a diverse audience.

Our channel is committed to showcasing the very best of Chilean series, providing a platform for talented local writers, directors, and actors to showcase their work. With a strong focus on original programming, we strive to bring unique and thought-provoking content to our viewers, offering a glimpse into the rich storytelling traditions of Chile.

In addition to our selection of homegrown series, 13 Teleseries also features a carefully curated lineup of international hits, ensuring that our audience has access to the latest and most popular shows from around the globe. Whether you're a fan of the intense drama of a Spanish telenovela or the gripping storytelling of a British crime series, we have something for everyone.

With a diverse range of programming, 13 Teleseries is the go-to destination for series lovers in Chile. Our schedule is carefully crafted to offer a mix of new releases, classic favorites, and exclusive premieres, ensuring that there's always something exciting to watch. Whether you prefer to binge-watch an entire season in one sitting or tune in weekly for the latest episodes, our channel has you covered.

At 13 Teleseries, we understand that the viewing experience is about more than just great content. That's why we are committed to delivering high-quality, high-definition programming that looks and sounds fantastic. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to excellence, we ensure that our viewers have the best possible experience when tuning in to our channel.

In addition to our on-air programming, 13 Teleseries also offers a range of digital and interactive experiences to engage our audience. Our website and social media platforms provide behind-the-scenes content, exclusive interviews with cast and crew, and interactive polls and quizzes to keep viewers connected and entertained between episodes.

But 13 Teleseries is more than just a television channel – we're a community. We understand the power of series to bring people together and spark conversations, and we aim to foster a sense of camaraderie among our viewers. Through engaging social media campaigns, live events, and fan contests, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming space for all series enthusiasts.

As a channel that is deeply rooted in Chilean culture, 13 Teleseries is also dedicated to giving back to the community. We partner with local charities and organizations to support important causes, using our platform to raise awareness and make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

With a commitment to excellence, diversity, and community, 13 Teleseries is the ultimate destination for series lovers in Chile. Whether you're looking to discover the next big hit series, enjoy a classic favorite, or engage with fellow fans, our channel has everything you need to satisfy your series cravings. Tune in and experience the magic of 13 Teleseries today!