Adult Swim Superjail! - Country (DE) TV Channel


Welcome to Adult Swim Superjail!

, your go-to TV channel for the best in animated comedy and action. Based in Germany, we bring you the latest and greatest content from Adult Swim, an American programming block that is known for its edgy and boundary-pushing shows. From bizarre and hilarious animated comedies to high-octane action series, Adult Swim Superjail! has something for every adult audience.

Our channel is home to a wide range of Adult Swim content, but our flagship show is none other than Superjail! This critically acclaimed animated series follows the insane and chaotic adventures of the Warden and his eccentric team as they run a highly unconventional and violent prison. With its unique art style, over-the-top violence, and dark humor, Superjail! is a must-watch for fans of adult animation.

In addition to Superjail!, we also feature a variety of other hit shows from Adult Swim. From the absurdist comedy of Aqua Teen Hunger Force to the dark and twisted world of The Venture Bros, there's no shortage of unique and inventive programming on our channel. Whether you're in the mood for surreal humor or gripping action, Adult Swim Superjail! has it all.

But our programming doesn't stop there. We also bring you a curated selection of Adult Swim movies and specials, giving you access to the best in animated and live-action entertainment. Whether it's a cult classic film or a never-before-seen special, our channel is your destination for all things Adult Swim.

In addition to our regular programming, we also strive to bring you exclusive content and behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite Adult Swim shows. From interviews with creators and voice actors to sneak peeks at upcoming episodes, we go the extra mile to keep you engaged and entertained.

Our channel is available to viewers in Germany, giving you access to all the latest and greatest Adult Swim content. Whether you're watching from the comfort of your living room or streaming on the go, Adult Swim Superjail! is always at your fingertips.

At Adult Swim Superjail!, we are committed to providing you with high-quality entertainment that pushes the boundaries of traditional animation. We believe in delivering content that is both thought-provoking and entertaining, and our programming reflects that dedication. With a mix of comedy, action, and everything in between, our channel has something for everyone.

So, if you're looking for a TV channel that isn't afraid to take risks and push the envelope, look no further than Adult Swim Superjail!. From our flagship show, Superjail!, to a wide range of other unique and inventive programming, we're your destination for all things Adult Swim. Tune in and join us for a wild ride through the twisted and hilarious world of adult animation. We promise you won't be disappointed.