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, the ultimate destination for animation lovers in France. ADN TV+ is a dedicated channel that brings the best of animated content from around the world, catering to viewers of all ages. From classic cartoons to modern animation, ADN TV+ has something for everyone to enjoy.

As the leading animation channel in France, ADN TV+ offers a wide variety of animation content, including feature films, TV series, shorts, and exclusive content that cannot be found on any other channel. Our curated selection ensures that viewers can always find something to entertain them, whether they are young children or adults.

One of the key highlights of ADN TV+ is our extensive library of classic and beloved animated films and TV series. From timeless Disney classics like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast to iconic Japanese anime such as Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon, we take pride in showcasing the best of animation history. Our channel is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many viewers, allowing them to relive their favorite moments from their childhood and introducing these timeless classics to new generations.

In addition to classic animation, ADN TV+ also features a diverse range of contemporary animated content from around the world. Viewers can enjoy the latest releases from major animation studios, as well as independent and international productions that offer fresh and innovative storytelling. Our channel is committed to showcasing the diversity and creativity of the animation industry, offering a platform for both established and emerging animators to share their work with a wider audience.

ADN TV+ is not just a platform for entertainment, but also a hub for animation enthusiasts. We provide in-depth coverage of the animation industry, including behind-the-scenes features, interviews with animators and creators, and news about upcoming projects and events. We aim to provide viewers with a comprehensive look at the world of animation, giving them an insight into the creative process and the latest developments in the industry.

As a French channel, ADN TV+ also celebrates the rich tradition of animation in France. We proudly showcase the best of French animation, including acclaimed films and TV series that have made a significant impact both at home and internationally. Our channel is a platform for French animators to showcase their talent and creativity, as we believe in supporting homegrown talent and fostering a thriving animation community in France.

In addition to our regular programming, ADN TV+ also hosts special events and themed programming to celebrate specific aspects of animation. Whether it's a spotlight on a particular animator, a celebration of a landmark anniversary for a beloved animated film, or a showcase of animation from a specific region or era, our channel offers a diverse range of content that keeps viewers engaged and entertained.

Furthermore, ADN TV+ is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for viewers of all ages. We carefully curate our content to ensure that it is suitable for family viewing, with a focus on entertainment that is both enjoyable and enriching for young viewers. We believe in the power of animation to inspire creativity, imagination, and empathy, and we strive to present content that reflects these values.

In conclusion, ADN TV+ is the ultimate destination for animation enthusiasts in France. From beloved classics to the latest releases, our channel offers a diverse and engaging lineup of animated content that caters to viewers of all ages. With our commitment to showcasing the best of animation from around the world, supporting French talent, and providing a safe and inclusive viewing experience, ADN TV+ is a must-visit for anyone who loves the art of animation. Join us and embark on a journey through the vibrant, imaginative world of animation today.