Welcome to 4E TV - Your General Channel from GR


Welcome to 4E

, the premier general entertainment channel in Greece! Our channel is dedicated to bringing our viewers a diverse range of programming, catering to all ages and interests. From thrilling drama series to hilarious sitcoms, thought-provoking documentaries to exciting sports coverage, 4E has something for everyone.

As the top general entertainment channel in Greece, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, engaging content that keeps our audiences coming back for more. Whether you're a fan of gripping crime dramas, heartwarming family comedies, or intense reality shows, 4E has it all.

Our drama series are some of the most popular on Greek television, with captivating storylines and talented actors that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Whether you're into intense crime dramas like "The Dossier" or heartwarming family dramas like "My Big Fat Greek Family," 4E has a drama series for every taste. And for those who prefer lighthearted entertainment, our lineup of sitcoms and comedies is sure to keep you laughing for hours on end.

In addition to our stellar lineup of drama and comedy series, 4E also offers a wide variety of documentary programming that covers a range of topics. From nature documentaries that showcase the stunning landscapes and wildlife of Greece, to in-depth looks at historical events and figures, our documentaries are both educational and entertaining. Our sports coverage is also second to none, bringing viewers all the latest action from the world of athletics, from thrilling soccer matches to intense basketball games.

At 4E, we are committed to providing our viewers with the best entertainment from around the world. In addition to our locally produced content, we also air a selection of international shows and movies that have been carefully curated to appeal to our Greek audience. Whether you're a fan of American blockbusters or British period dramas, you can find it on 4E.

But 4E isn't just a channel for adults - we also have a wide range of programming for kids and teens. From animated shows and children's movies to teen dramas and educational programming, 4E has something to keep the younger members of the family entertained. Our dedication to providing quality content for all ages has made us a favorite among Greek families.

In addition to our regular programming, 4E also airs special events and live broadcasts throughout the year. From awards shows and music concerts to sporting events and cultural festivals, we bring our viewers the best of what's happening in Greece and around the world. Our live broadcasts allow viewers to experience these events in real time, creating an immersive and dynamic viewing experience.

One of the things that sets 4E apart from other channels is our commitment to engaging with our audience. We value feedback and input from our viewers and strive to create a sense of community around our channel. Through social media, viewer polls, and interactive programming, we give our audience a voice and work to create a channel that reflects their interests and tastes.

In conclusion, 4E is the ultimate destination for general entertainment in Greece. With a diverse range of programming, high-quality content, and a commitment to engaging with our audience, we are proud to be the top choice for viewers of all ages. Whether you're tuning in for a gripping drama series, a hilarious comedy, or an educational documentary, 4E has something to keep you entertained. Thank you for choosing 4E, and we look forward to bringing you the best in entertainment for years to come.