YTV Myanmar General TV Channel


Welcome to YTV

, the premier television channel serving the people of Myanmar with an exciting array of programming that caters to all ages and interests. YTV is committed to providing high-quality, engaging content that reflects the rich culture and diversity of Myanmar, while also offering an opportunity for international perspectives and entertainment. With a wide range of programs spanning from drama series to children's shows, documentaries to reality TV, YTV promises to be the go-to destination for family-friendly entertainment.

As one of the leading channels in the country, YTV strives to offer a diverse lineup of shows and series that appeal to a wide audience. Whether you're looking for riveting dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat, or lighthearted comedies that are perfect for unwinding after a long day, YTV has something for everyone. Our carefully curated selection of programs ensures that there's always something new and exciting to watch, making YTV a beloved staple in households across Myanmar.

For the younger audience, YTV is proud to offer a variety of educational and entertaining children's programming. From animated series that spark imagination and creativity, to adventurous live-action shows that inspire young minds, YTV makes it a priority to provide content that is both enriching and fun for kids. With a focus on promoting positive values and life skills, our children's programming is designed to be both enjoyable and educational, making YTV a favorite among families with young children.

In addition to our regular lineup, YTV also features a selection of compelling documentaries and reality TV shows that offer a glimpse into different aspects of life in Myanmar and around the world. From thought-provoking documentaries that explore social and environmental issues, to captivating reality programs that showcase the diversity of human experiences, YTV offers a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn about the world around you. Through these shows, we aim to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for different cultures, perspectives, and ways of life, while also sparking meaningful conversations and reflections.

At YTV, we are also committed to providing a platform for local talents and creators to showcase their work and make their voices heard. Through partnerships with local production companies and aspiring filmmakers, we aim to highlight the rich cultural heritage and artistic expression that Myanmar has to offer. By supporting and promoting local content, YTV plays an important role in nurturing the growth of the Myanmar media industry and contributing to the preservation and celebration of Myanmar's cultural heritage.

In addition to our regular programming, YTV also offers special events and themed programming to coincide with holidays, cultural celebrations, and other significant occasions. These special events are designed to bring people together, celebrate important cultural traditions, and provide an opportunity for viewers to connect with their roots and heritage. From festive holiday specials to thought-provoking cultural documentaries, our special events lineup offers a diverse range of programming that is both entertaining and meaningful.

As a general entertainment channel, YTV recognizes the importance of tailoring our content to meet the ever-changing interests and needs of our viewers. Whether you're looking for a dramatic series to get lost in, a lighthearted comedy to lift your spirits, or an insightful documentary to broaden your perspectives, YTV is the ultimate destination for all your entertainment needs. With our commitment to diversity, quality, and meaningful content, YTV is proud to be the leading choice for television entertainment in Myanmar. Thank you for choosing YTV, where there's always something for everyone to enjoy.