Welcome to Atfal & Mawaheb TV: The Ultimate Kids' Channel in SA


Get ready for a fun and educational experience for kids with Atfal & Mawaheb TV

, the leading kids' channel in Saudi Arabia. Our channel is dedicated to providing quality entertainment and educational content for children of all ages, with a focus on promoting the values and culture of the region.

Atfal & Mawaheb TV offers a wide range of programs and shows that are designed to engage, inspire, and educate children. From entertaining cartoons and animated series to informative and educational programs, our channel has something for every child's interests and preferences.

One of the key features of Atfal & Mawaheb TV is our commitment to promoting the Arabic language and culture. We believe that it is important for children to have access to content that reflects their own heritage and traditions, and we strive to provide a platform for Arabic language programming that is both entertaining and educational.

Our channel features a variety of Arabic language cartoons and animated series that are not only entertaining but also promote learning and creativity. We also offer a range of educational programs that cover topics such as science, history, arts, and culture, all with a specific focus on the Arab world.

In addition to promoting the Arabic language and culture, Atfal & Mawaheb TV places a strong emphasis on providing wholesome and family-friendly entertainment. We understand the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for children to enjoy their favorite programs, which is why our channel is committed to offering content that is suitable for young viewers, free from violence and inappropriate material.

Atfal & Mawaheb TV is not just about entertainment; it is also about education and personal development. We strive to help children to learn and grow through our programming, with shows that encourage creativity, critical thinking, and positive values. From interactive game shows to music and art programs, our channel offers a diverse range of content that aims to enrich the lives of young viewers.

Furthermore, Atfal & Mawaheb TV is dedicated to supporting children's emotional and social development. Our programs are designed to teach important life skills such as empathy, teamwork, and resilience, helping children to navigate the challenges of growing up and building strong relationships with others.

Atfal & Mawaheb TV is also a platform for celebrating diversity and inclusion. We believe in the importance of representing a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives in our programming, and we are committed to providing content that is inclusive and reflective of the world we live in.

As the leading kids' channel in Saudi Arabia, Atfal & Mawaheb TV is proud to be a trusted source of entertainment and education for families across the country. By offering a diverse range of high-quality programming, we aim to create a positive and enriching viewing experience for children, fostering a love for learning, creativity, and cultural appreciation.

Whether it's watching their favorite cartoons, exploring the wonders of science, or learning about the rich history and traditions of the Arab world, children can always find something exciting and educational to enjoy on Atfal & Mawaheb TV. With our commitment to promoting the Arabic language, culture, and family-friendly content, we are dedicated to being a channel that both children and parents can trust and enjoy together. Join us on Atfal & Mawaheb TV for a world of fun, learning, and inspiration!