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, your go-to destination for all the latest news, updates, and live coverage from around the world. As a 24-hour news channel, we are committed to delivering the most reliable and up-to-date information to our viewers. Whether you are interested in politics, business, health, or entertainment, NBC News NOW has you covered.

As a part of the NBC News family, we have a rich history of delivering top-notch journalism and unparalleled coverage of global events. Our team of experienced journalists and correspondents work tirelessly to bring you the most important and impactful stories of the day. From breaking news to in-depth analysis, we strive to provide a comprehensive view of the world around us.

At Pluto TV NBC News NOW, we understand the importance of staying informed in today's fast-paced world. That's why we offer a wide range of programming to cater to all interests and preferences. Our lineup includes live news coverage, documentary-style programs, panel discussions, and interviews with experts and newsmakers. Whatever your area of interest, we are dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and compelling content.

One of the key features of Pluto TV NBC News NOW is our live coverage of major events and breaking news. Whether it's a presidential address, a press conference, or a significant global event, we are there to provide real-time updates and analysis. Our reporters and anchors are on the ground, bringing you firsthand accounts and insights into the events that shape our world.

In addition to live coverage, we offer a variety of original programming that provides in-depth analysis and commentary on the most pressing issues of our time. Our dedicated team of experts and correspondents host shows that dive deep into topics such as politics, business, health, and technology. We bring you exclusive interviews with top newsmakers, as well as thought-provoking discussions on the issues that matter most to our viewers.

As a 24-hour news channel, Pluto TV NBC News NOW understands the importance of accessibility. That's why we are committed to providing our viewers with multiple platforms to access our content. Whether you prefer to watch on your television, computer, or mobile device, we make it easy for you to stay informed wherever you are. Our content is available through the Pluto TV app, as well as on our website, ensuring that you never have to miss out on the latest news and updates.

In addition to our live and original programming, Pluto TV NBC News NOW also offers a wide range of on-demand content. Whether you missed a live broadcast or want to catch up on a specific segment, our on-demand library has you covered. Our comprehensive archive allows you to explore past programs, interviews, and special features, giving you the flexibility to consume news on your own schedule.

Pluto TV NBC News NOW is proud to be a part of the NBC News family, a trusted name in journalism for over 75 years. With a strong commitment to accuracy, integrity, and fairness, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of reporting. Our team of journalists and correspondents work tirelessly to bring you the most important stories of the day, delivering news that you can rely on.

For those who value staying informed and up-to-date, Pluto TV NBC News NOW is the ultimate destination. With a diverse range of programming, live coverage, and on-demand content, we are dedicated to providing our viewers with the most comprehensive and reliable news coverage available. No matter what your interests may be, we invite you to join us and stay informed with Pluto TV NBC News NOW.