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Welcome to ACTV

, America's premier legislative channel, bringing you the latest and most comprehensive coverage of all things related to the United States government and legislative proceedings.

At ACTV, we are dedicated to providing viewers with an in-depth look at the political process and the legislative branch of the government. Our programming covers a wide range of topics, including congressional hearings, debates, legislative sessions, and interviews with elected officials and political experts.

As the only channel of its kind, ACTV is committed to delivering accurate, unbiased, and transparent coverage of all legislative matters. Our team of experienced journalists, reporters, and analysts work tirelessly to bring viewers the most up-to-date and relevant information about what is happening in Washington D.C. and beyond.

Whether you are a political enthusiast, a student of government, or simply a citizen who wants to stay informed about the workings of the U.S. government, ACTV is the go-to source for all things legislative. From major legislative achievements to breaking news from Capitol Hill, we keep you informed and engaged with the political process.

Our programming lineup includes a variety of shows and segments that cater to a diverse audience. From panel discussions and roundtable debates to one-on-one interviews with key decision-makers, ACTV offers a comprehensive view of the issues that matter most to the American people.

One of our flagship shows, "Inside the Capitol," takes viewers behind the scenes of legislative proceedings, providing insight into the decision-making process and the inner workings of Congress. Hosted by seasoned political analysts and former government officials, this show offers valuable perspectives on the legislative process and the impact of legislative decisions on the American public.

In addition to our original programming, ACTV also features live coverage of important congressional events, including State of the Union addresses, presidential speeches, and major legislative debates. Our live coverage allows viewers to witness history as it happens and stay informed about the decisions being made in the nation's capital.

For those who are interested in delving deeper into specific legislative issues, ACTV offers documentary-style programming that explores the history, impact, and implications of key legislative actions. From landmark legislation to important policy debates, our documentaries provide an in-depth look at the issues that shape the legislative landscape.

ACTV also offers thought-provoking opinion and analysis programs that provide viewers with different perspectives on the issues facing the U.S. government. Whether it's a town hall-style debate or a deep dive into a specific policy area, our opinion shows offer a platform for diverse viewpoints and constructive dialogue.

In addition to our televised programming, ACTV also provides online content through our website and social media platforms. Our online presence allows viewers to access additional resources, engage in discussions, and participate in polls and surveys related to legislative matters.

At ACTV, we recognize the importance of being an active and engaged citizen in a democratic society. That's why we strive to provide viewers with the knowledge and information they need to understand the legislative process, hold elected officials accountable, and participate in the political discourse that shapes our country.

No matter where you are in the United States, ACTV is your source for everything legislative. From the halls of Congress to your living room, we bring the legislative process to life and empower you to stay informed, engaged, and involved in the political decisions that impact your life.

Thank you for choosing ACTV as your trusted source for comprehensive legislative coverage. Tune in to stay informed, stay engaged, and stay connected to the heartbeat of American politics.